April showers || Carlisle & Esme 

Evenings had soon enough become Carlisle’s favourite part of the day. The constant downpour had made his days excruciatingly difficult, there were twice as many accidents, and the humid air made the smell of human blood a little difficult to resist, not that he ever had a problem with it. There were always twice as many nurses on shift during the days, which was never a good thing as they tended to torment him with powdered sugar, deeming that he was too sweet. He found this both disturbing, and a little flattering, although his heart would always belong to Esme, completely. By the time he arrived home, he was always soaking wet, but his hair was always in place, like it was made of golden stone or something. His white doctors jacket was covered by a heavy black coat that looked as though it was from the 1960’s and his polished shoes were always in tact. The journey home was never a problem for him, he was a Cullen after all, and he sure as hell drove like one, despite the weather. He arrived home at his usual time, only to find one thing out of place that could have been spotted from the end of their drive way. Esme was outside waiting for him, this wasn’t unusual, but the look on her face, that was unusual. She looked like all of the happiness had been drained from her ever existing soul, she looked positively drained. Carlisle reached his parking space and fled the car as fast as he could, rushing over to where his wife was sat under the porch. “Esme,” he started, moving to her side in an instant. He dropped his case to the cold wooden floor and cupped her face gently in his hands, his golden eyes meeting hers, “What is the matter, my love?” he asked.

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