our miracle || Carlisle & Esme 

It’d been weeks since they had learned the news of Esme’s pregnancy, and Carlisle was impressed with how well she was taking it. She was glowing, her whole face was illuminated. Carlisle had been working late at the hospital, and had a special pager for home emergencies. He was worried about her going into labor without him there, the others didn’t know how to cope with it, and the thought alone terrified him. He finished off at the hospital and rushed home, bolting inside the house the moment he pulled up in the driveway.

"Esme?" he called to her quietly as he approached their bedroom. He dropped his case in the hallway and hung his coat before entering their room. He stood against the door frame, his elbow above his head as he caught her eye. "Hey.." he whispered, smiling warmly at her. She was pretty big now, and could give birth any day, which would be both terrifying, and exciting at the same time. "How’s my beautiful wife today?" he asked, moving to sit beside her. He planted a soft kiss to her lips as his hands instantly found her stomach. "And you too, hm?" he teased, pressing a kiss to the top of her belly.

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